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24LectureSTUDENT07 - i.Rising middle class ii.More jobs...

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Lecture Twenty-Four: Results of Exploration Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 427-440, Document 12.3 I. Emergence of Capitalism and the World Market a. Profit and Inflation i.Population rises ii.Goods become scarce iii.Prices go up iv.Surge of new money v.Inflation b. Rise of Capitalism i.Opportunities ii.Commercial Capitalism begins iii.Capitalists: 1. Invest funds 2. Look for profit 3. Control supplies 4. Create demand iv.Joint-Stock Company c. Mercantilism i.Discourage imports ii.Promote exports iii.Save hard currency iv.Favorable trade balance v.Get colonies as outlets vi.Vested interest in banking d. Spain’s Spending i.Influx of hard currency ii.Spend money on war iii.Spend money on luxuries iv.Not enough to stay solvent e. New Work Roles
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Unformatted text preview: i.Rising middle class ii.More jobs taken by men iii.Money domain of men iv.Shops become segregated v.Women’s work less visible f. Pirates! i.Trade leads to “Pirate Belt” ii.Old naval powers decreasing iii.Privateering iv.Slaves, women v.British and French navies grow in power, discourage piracy II. The Global World Begins a. European Culture Spreads i.Indians get horses, guns, liquor ii.Wheat grown iii.Other plants, too iv.North American products spread by Europeans v.Population mixes, too b. European Culture Transformed i.Disease ii.New foods 1. More Sugar 2. Tomato 3. Potato 4. Maize 5. Chocolate iii.New stimulants 1. Tobacco 2. Coffee 3. More tea...
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24LectureSTUDENT07 - i.Rising middle class ii.More jobs...

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