28January08 - Promotes economy through mercantilism vi...

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Traditional Society and Absolutism Lecture Reading – Sherman, Chapter 13, pages 405-423. I. How do “Great Powers” emerge? a. Spiral of State Growth i. War ii. Armies iii. Taxes iv. Bureaucracies v. Revolts vi. Armies b. Large Governments Tend Towards Absolutism c. Absolutism is a system where the monarch has strong central control and is able to resist the power of the nobility with some security. d. The Spectrum of Governments II. Why Absolutism? a. Solves problems of instability after 1648. b. Gathers necessary resources for use. c. Makes sense in a hierarchical society. d. (Absolutism isn’t the same as arbitrary rule) III. Models of Absolutism a. French Absolutism under Louis XIV (1643-1715) i. Creates a bureaucracy of loyal nobles ii. Lures nobility away from centers of power iii. Publicly glorifies the king iv. Believes in absolute divine right to rule v.
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Unformatted text preview: Promotes economy through mercantilism vi. Wages War! b. Frederick William, The Great Elector (Prussia) (1640-1688) i. Strengthens army (triples from 1640-1650) ii. Centralizes holdings and administration iii. Gets authority to collect taxes iv. Strikes a bargain with nobility v. Adopts mercantilist policies c. Peter the Great (1689-1725) i. Copies Western Practices ii. Requires state service (5 years away) iii. Develops new bureaucracy iv. Controls Orthodox Church v. Increases taxes vi. Strengthens military vii. Expands territory IV. How to be Absolutist: a. Create bureaucracy to ensure loyalty b. Centralize authority, especially tax-collection c. Control nobility and other power threats d. Promote economy e. Strengthen military f. Expand territory (through war if necessary)...
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28January08 - Promotes economy through mercantilism vi...

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