11February08 - XVIII) Austria XIX) Great European State XX)...

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State-building and Enlightened Absolutism Lecture Reading – Sherman, Chapter 15, pages 467-486. A) Who will dominate Continental politics? II) DECLINING POWERS III) Spain IV)Dutch Republic V) Small territory and population grows slowly VI)Trade share declines (due to mercantilism) VII) Remains economically viable but no longer a major power VIII) Sweden IX)International influence declines X) Russia gains in importance XI)Not strong enough or centralized enough to maintain power XII) Poland-Lithuania XIII) Liberum veto prevents centralized policies XIV) 1772– Poland partitioned XV) COUNTRIES IN STASIS XVI) France A) Very powerful – courts across Europe speak French, try to imitate France B) Louis XIV’s reign has not provided much territorial expansion XVII) Fiscal Problems but no hope to fix problem with state control
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Unformatted text preview: XVIII) Austria XIX) Great European State XX) Problem with centralization A) War of Austrian Succession B) Partitions Poland C) Joseph II attempts reform XXI) COUNTRIES INCREASING IN POWER A) Brandenburg-Prussia B) Continues to centralize and militarize C) Army modernizes country D) Takes Silesia E) Makes alliance with Britain F) Partitions Poland XXII) Russia XXIII) Catherine the Great A) Considers herself enlightened B) Expands to Balkans C) Participates in Partition of Poland XXIV) Great Britain XXV) Cabinet system provides structure XXVI) Bank of England finances expansion, trade, wars XXVII) Naval Success increases prestige XXVIII) Great Powers by 1740 XXIX) Austria XXX) Britain XXXI) France XXXII) Prussia XXXIII) Russia...
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11February08 - XVIII) Austria XIX) Great European State XX)...

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