18February08 - M Brunswick Manifesto demands protection of...

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The French Revolution Lecture Reading – Sherman, Chapter 16, pages 503-521. I) Problems of the Old Regime A) Financial crisis B) Social crisis C) Rising expectations D) Middle class wants in on the change E) All groups expect tax reform, increased power F) Bad harvest and textile slump II) Revolution Phase One: 1789-1791 (Focused on Political Origins of Rights) III) Tennis Court Oath IV)Bastille Falls V) Feudalism Abolished VI)Women’s March to Versailles A) Civil Constitution of the Clergy B) Flight to Varennes C) Constitution written with King as head of State D) Summary of events E) All men declared equal, can vote F) Church power limited G) Church property confiscated H) Many aristocrats flee for their lives I) Violence often used to accomplish ends J) King reluctant to support reform K) Revolution Phase Two: 1792-1794 (National Security Diminishes Individual Rights) L) Declaration of War on Austria
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Unformatted text preview: M) Brunswick Manifesto demands protection of royal family N) Invasion of the Tuileries Palace, King imprisoned O) September – First French Republic Proclaimed VII) Execution of Louis XVI A) King executed B) Civil War begins in the Vendée C) The Terror Begins (Revolution defends itself against enemies) D) Jacobins turn against their own politicians E) Danton and his circle arrested F) Robespierre finally brought down in Thermidor, bringing an end to the Terror G) Revolution Phase Three: 1795 forward (Failure of the Liberal Republic and Rise of Napoleon) H) “White Terror” replaces “Red Terror” I) Tension increases between radicals and middle class J) Suffrage now limited to wealthier Frenchmen K) Workers protest, as do royalists who see their chance to change regimes L) Napoleon saves government, paving the way for his rise...
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18February08 - M Brunswick Manifesto demands protection of...

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