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20February08 - V Napoleon in Power A Provides promised...

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Napoleon and the Revolutionary Legacy Lecture Reading – Sherman, Chapter 16, pages 521-531. I) The early Napoleon A) Saves Convention B) Made Commander of French Army in Italy C) Returns to France as hero D) Given army to attack Britain E) Loses badly but returns without great damage to prestige II) Napoleon’s Rise III) Weaknesses of the First Republic A) Political unrest, financial disaster, European war B) First Republic is weak and politically divided C) Disillusioned representatives believe that Bonaparte is key D) Coup d’Etat E) Napoleon takes control F) Constitution to voters G) Voters overwhelmingly approve Napoleon (choice between anarchy and stability) IV)Is the Revolution over? A) Napoleon cements goals of the leaders of the 3 rd Estate B) Careers open to talent C) Security for property D) Peasants gain land E) Feudal privilege abolished F) New dominant classes are not radical, neither is Napoleon
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Unformatted text preview: V) Napoleon in Power A) Provides promised stability – restores peace at home B) Signs Concordat with the Catholic Church (1801) C) Founded Legion of Honor (1802) D) Passes Civil Code of 1804 E) Crowned Emperor (1804) F) Enacts Continental System (1807) G) Introduces hierarchy of noble titles (1808) VI) Napoleon at War A) Continental system embitters “allies” B) Napoleon forced to annex territories, gets bogged down in Spain C) Despite this, invades Russia in 1812 D) Napoleon defeated at Leipzig E) Exiled to Elba F) Returns for “hundred days” G) Defeated at Waterloo H) Exiled to St Helena, never returns VII) Napoleon’s Heritage A) Advancement by merit, self-made man B) Inspires nationalism C) Spreads liberal ideas D) May betray revolution by marrying Marie Louise, becoming emperor...
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