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The Industrial Revolution Begins and Spreads Lecture Reading – Sherman, Chapter 17, pages 535-546. I) What is the Industrial Revolution? II) Term coined in the 19 th century III) Characteristics: IV)Continuous increase in economic growth and technological change V) Continued population explosion VI)Change in the nature of work VII) New social structure and new values VIII) Chronology of Industrialization IX)Why the West? X) Why England First? XI)Economic advantages XII) First agricultural revolution, most social mobility together produce wealth and incentives for change XIII) Large amounts of water transportation XIV) National banking system aids in financing enterprises and improvements XV) No internal tariffs, stable monetary system XVI) Raw Materials and Technology XVII) Cotton technology XVIII) Weaving speed doubled by flying shuttle (1733) XIX) Thread Production follows XX) Need more thread to keep up with flying shuttle
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Unformatted text preview: XXI) Spinning Jenny (1760s) revolutionizes thread production A) Cotton gin (1793) takes seeds out more quickly XXII) Coal/Iron XXIII) Need wood to smelt iron ore before 1708 XXIV) After 1708, invention of the blast furnace means coal smelts iron ore XXV) Need iron for cotton machines, nails, cannons, guns XXVI) Ironworks become a pillar of the industrial revolution XXVII) Steam Power XXVIII) Need more power to drive machines – human and water power are not enough XXIX) Newcomen and Watt perfect the steam engine XXX) Steam used to drive machines after 1810 XXXI) Large Factories built away from water power sites – factory system emerges XXXII) Newcomen Engine inefficient and huge but best technology for years XXXIII) Engines drive demand for coal, demonstrating interrelationship of components...
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