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Endocrinology Evidence - *deliver pups together pregnant at...

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Endocrinology Evidence Evaluate “evidence” *”Menstrual Synchrony” interview with Martha McClintock Original research: took random groups and compared to women living together; (college dorms) and saw menstrual synchrony Animal studies: rats living together synchronize when taken apart synchrony dissipates -also with only sharing common air space there is the same level of synchrony as when they are living together New human study: took compounds from under arm, presented them to women every single day for two cycles, and then collect those compounds from a particular point in menstrual cycle *when women were exposed to compounds from follicular phase, cycle was shorter then if exposed to compounds from ovulatory phase *this shows that you can lengthen or shorter the cycle with pheromones , giving evidence of Phermonal control over menstrual cycles Applications to fertility: coordinating the whole process of fertility and pregnancy with a social group
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Unformatted text preview: *deliver pups together, pregnant at the same time, those turned out to be more healthy when both together “Psychosocial + biological influences on menstruation synchrony, cycle length and regularity” • Actual experiment: 170 subjects at two all women colleges kept monthly menstrual journals and answered questions about their background, histories, and social habits. • Took personality research form E subsets • Wanted to predict differences in menstrual synchrony based on those factors • 86% did not synchronize with roommate, but there was a “trend towards synchrony” • This experiment did not control for birth control “Avoiding synchrony as a female mate choice” *Norway rats *results show that synchrony is costly for females *encourages female- female competition...
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Endocrinology Evidence - *deliver pups together pregnant at...

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