academic integrity

academic integrity - • Refrain from cheating, lying, or...

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Gayle Ruddick English 103 Section 11 Lab 4 September 2007 Pledge of Academic Integrity Throughout the rich history of Clemson University, integrity within academics has been  upheld by the members of the Clemson learning community.  Sustaining integrity—being the  “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code”—should be a priority among all Clemson  students (American Heritage Dictionary).  Upholding scholastic soundness involves more than  simply not cheating but demands that we listen and abide by the already instilled convictions we  have to always do what is right. We, as Clemson students, in order to fully support the legacy of  integrity, pledge to follow certain guidelines. In order to uphold the integrity of Clemson University we pledge to:
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Unformatted text preview: • Refrain from cheating, lying, or plagiarizing. • Respect the opinions and beliefs of all students and professors, and remain open to all opposing views. • Accept all assignments and their value to our education. • Treat all assignments with equal importance. • Treat all professors with equal respect. We stand by this pledge of integrity due not only to our responsibility to ourselves but also our responsibility towards the university and our fellow students. By attaining all our grades fairly and independently we are helping to uphold the “value of a Clemson degree” (Usher). By doing our part to keep the standards of the university high we are contributing to the university’s goal of becoming a Top 20 University....
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academic integrity - • Refrain from cheating, lying, or...

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