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Community Based Writing Assignment - LaKeya Jenkins English...

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LaKeya Jenkins English 103 Section 11 24 September 2007 Meriting Marijuana for Mankind Driving down the highway on the way to another day at work or a home-cooked meal with the family, spots of orange appear on the shoulder in the distance. Soon it becomes obvious that these carrot-orange polka-dots are far from the fresh flowers they seemed to be at first glance. Like many times before, convicts line the side of the road under the hot sun cleaning up the litter of the week’s passerbys. Feelings of uneasiness rush over the onlookers as the traffic slows from a fender-bender up ahead and the cars are brought to a standstill alongside the orange clad criminals. Surely, one of those men is a robber. Surely, one has attempted murder. No way could these animals be allowed near children or civilized people. Who would guess that a month ago these men and women were school-teachers, lawyers, bankers, highly respected citizens with loving families of their own? What went wrong? Each of these individuals has been charged and found guilty of an offense regarding the illegal substance known as marijuana. For countless reasons it is unmistakable that marijuana should be legalized in the United States of America. Oddly enough, since the early 1900s marijuana has been outlawed in the United States of America ("Busted: America's War on Marijuana"). In this pursuit against the plant, known by many as simply “America’s War on Drugs,” the citizens of America have been denied the rights declared by their forefathers. In addition, excessive amounts of money and time have been blown away so that lawyers and bankers making use of the drug will end up just like those aforementioned. Furthermore, many sickly people are being deprived of the medical advantages associated with marijuana use. Besides, the surprisingly large amount of American
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-2 dollars being spent on preventing the utilization of this forbidden plant only shows that the prohibition is ineffective and people are continuing the outlawed practice. Why should a less harmful drug like marijuana be demonized in America if the U.S. Government clearly approves its citizens the privilege to make individual choices, including the right to alcohol consumption and tobacco usage? From the days of middle school history class and nearly every school year following, teachers and professors require that students memorize the preamble to the United States Constitution or the beginning phrases from the Declaration of Independence. Although scholars across the nation have successfully committed these few lines
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Community Based Writing Assignment - LaKeya Jenkins English...

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