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In fifteen years, I hope to be well set up in the job market. Ideally, at that time I will be working in some type of management position for a company dealing with mechanical engineering. In my mind, I imagine such a job to be dealing with an industry such as automotive or some other large field that flourishes in mechanics and deals greatly with people. In order to get there, I plan on first getting my degree in mechanical engineering here at Clemson University. It will more than likely take more than the usual four years for me to obtain this degree because I would very much like to Co-op for a semester or two. Job experience is always a plus, and getting some job experience under my belt while I am still in college just seems like a prime idea. I also know that my stay here at Clemson University will be extended because I would like to obtain a minor in Spanish. In doing this, I would also like to take full advantage of the study abroad program here at Clemson University and travel to Spain while gaining more credits toward my minor. In addition, I have never
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