4 2 points three gene pairs located on separate

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Unformatted text preview: parents. 4. (2 points) Three gene pairs located on separate autosomes determine flower color and shape as well as plant height. The first pair exhibits incomplete dominance, where the color can be red, pink (the heterozygote), or white. The second pair leads to personate (dominant) or peloric (recessive) flower shape, while the third gene pair produces either the dominant tall trait or the recessive dwarf trait. Homozygous plants that are red, personate, and tall are crossed to those that are white, peloric, and dwarf. Determine the F1 genotype(s) and phenotype(s). If the F1 plants are interbred, what proportion of the offspring will exhibit the same phenotype as the F1 plants? 5. (2 points) In a species of the cat family, eye color can be gray, blue, green, or...
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