CHAPTER 0a lecture notes

15 ence 627 assakkaf students are encourage to access

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Unformatted text preview: p:// to download course materials such as class notes, homework sets, and solutions. Timely information will also be posted on the web site. At initial login, use your wam account name as the username, and your SID as the password. You are advised to change your password after your first login. Report any problem with the course web site to the instructor. For technical problems of the web site, contact the Instructional Technologies staffs at 0123 Martin Hall 8 CHAPTER 0a. INTRODUCTION TO DECISION ANALYSIS FOR ENGINEERING Homework Assignments Slide No. 16 ENCE 627 ©Assakkaf The homework assignments are due one week after they are assigned. Homework will be assigned as the material is covered and will be collected every Tuesday at the beginning of the lecture period. Solutions will be available from the TAs and on the class website after the problems are returned. CHAPTER 0a. INTRODUCTION TO DECISION ANALYSIS FOR ENGINEERING Slide No. 17 ENCE 627 ©Assakkaf Homework Assignments (cont’d) No assignment will be accepted after the answers have been posted. Students are encouraged to discuss and formulate solutions to the problems by working in teams. However, assignments must be completed and submitted individually. General guidelines for homework are given in your syllabus. 9 CHAPTER 0a. INTRODUCTION TO DECISION ANALYSIS FOR ENGINEERING Exams Slide No. 18 ENCE 627 ©Assakkaf All students must take all quizzes and exams including the final...
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