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Nutrition Exam 1 Review 1) Overview of Nutrition Factors that influence what we eat: Preference Habit Heritage Social interactions Availability, convenience Positive/negative associations Emotional comfort Values and religious convictions Body weight and image Nutrition Nutrient: any substance in food that the body can use to either -obtain energy (macronutrients) -synthesize tissue -regulate body processes Essential Nutrients : a substance that must be obtained in the diet, because the body cannot make it or cannot make adequate amounts of it. Nonessential Nutrients : one that the body can make in sufficient quantity if lacking in the diet. Organic Nutrients : Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and vitamins. Proteins and vitamins also contain nitrogen. Inorganic Nutrients: Contain Hydrogen and oxygen minerals, water (sodium, zinc, iron) 6 Classes of Nutrients Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Vitamins Minerals Water
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Macronutrient : a nutrient needed in relatively large amounts in the diet. -Carbohydrates* -Proteins* ***PROVIDE ENERGY -Lipids* -Water Micronutrient : a nutrient that is needed in relatively small amounts in the diet. -Vitamins -Minerals Biological Factors (Nature) (Genetic Factors) -Gender, age, genetic make-up Lifestyle Factors (Nuture) (Enviornmental Factors) -Nutrition, smoking, drug and alcohol use, exercise Scientific Process 1. Observation made 2. Hypothesis Generated 3. Design Experiment 4. Carry out Experiment 5. Results are contemplated and written up Experimental Designs: Epidemiologic Studies : the study of patterns that occur within populations. Observations are make and data is “interpreted”, but no intervention is made. Only
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Nutrition Exam 1 Review - Nutrition Exam 1 Review 1...

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