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final exam study guide part 2 - Nutrition: Final Exam Study...

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Nutrition: Final Exam Study Guide: New Material Water *Water is the most essential nutrient. Functions of Water in the Body Maintains structure Used in metabolic reactions Solvent for molecules Acts as lubricant Aids in regulation of body temperature Maintains blood volume and pH Dehydration can result in: -Fatigue -Dry Mouth -Headache -Dark colored urine Advanced stages : confusion, slurred speech, metabolic imbalances, death. Minerals Major Minerals (>100 mg/day) Na, Cl, K, Ca Inorganic (no Carbon) -retain their chemical identity Bioavailability: rate of absorption is absorbed and used. SODIUM (Na+) Major cation in extracellular fluid . Body needs: 100-500 mg/day Actual intake: 3000-6000 mg/day We get a lot of sodium from processed foods. CHLORIDE (CL-) Major anion in extracellular fluid , abundant in foods (NaCl) POTASSIUM (K+) Intracellular cation CALCIUM (Ca 2+)
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*Most abundant mineral in the body) Hydroxyapatite: crystals made of Calcium and Phosphorus. Calcium Homeostasis: Blood calcium levels are highly controlled, maintain constant levels of blood calcium. 3 Sites of Calcium Regulation: -Kidneys -Bone -Small Intestine Hormonal Regulation of Blood Calcium Calcitonin : stimulates osteoblast to build new bone Parathyroid Hormone : promote calcium reabsorption in the kidney We reach peak bone mass by 25-30 years of age. We can measure bone status using DEXA (dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Osteoporosis: low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue leading to increased fracture risk. Osteoporosis Risk Factors
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final exam study guide part 2 - Nutrition: Final Exam Study...

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