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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 02 - Trends in Human Resource Management Chapter 02 Trends in Human Resource Management True / False Questions 1. An individual who is actively seeking employment is a part of an organization's external labor market. True False 2. It is generally seen that worker performance and learning suffer heavily as a result of aging. True False 3. Individuals who arrive in the United States without meeting the legal requirements for immigration or asylum are referred to as undocumented immigrants. True False 4. Most organizations are looking for educational achievements to find employees who can handle a variety of responsibilities, interact with customers, and think creatively. True False 5. A large gap exists between the social system and the technical system in high-performance work systems. True False 6. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that between 2008 and 2018, most new jobs will be in manufacturing. True False 2-1 Chapter 02 - Trends in Human Resource Management 7. Knowledge workers in an organization do not work directly with customers. True False 8. Skilled knowledge workers would suffer the most in a slow economy as they have little operational importance in a company. True False 9. The use of employee empowerment shifts the recruiting focus away from general cognitive and interpersonal skills toward technical skills. True False 10. Virtual teams rely on communications technology such as videoconferences, e-mail, and cell phones to keep in touch and coordinate activities. True False 11. The traditional role of HRM as primarily an administrative function has gradually given way to a new rolethat of strategic partner. True False 12. Total quality management is intended to bring about a continuous process of quality improvement. True False 13. Total quality management proposes that every employee in the organization receive training in quality. True False 2-2 Chapter 02 - Trends in Human Resource Management 14. One of the core values of TQM is that methods and processes are designed to meet the needs of internal customers rather than those of external customers. True False 15. When forming Citigroup, Citicorp combined its banking business with Traveller's Group's insurance business. This is an example of a merger. True False 16. Early-retirement programs are a strategy used by organizations undergoing downsizing. True False 17. According to research, early-retirement programs are one of the most effective approaches to downsizing. True False 18. An organization's critical work processes are not altered during a reengineering process. True False 19. A company that operates in the U.S. shifts its warehouses and operations to a low rent area that is 50 miles away from town. This is an example of offshoring....
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