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AMH 2010 EXAM 1 DUE Thursday 2/28/08 24-hour grace period in effect 2/28 5:00 pm-2/29 5:00 pm Name Michelle Stephens I. Lecture (Write answers on this form) 50 total points *All questions and answers are based on lecture material Voice of the People (10 points) 1. When John Winthrop found out what happened to Anne Hutchinson following her expulsion, he called it “a manifestation of divine justice.” 2. Reflecting the sentiments Jefferson expressed in the Declaration of Independence, Levi Preston simply explained: “we had always governed ourselves and we always meant to.” 3. The clashing views of Shays’s Rebellion became clear in one Shaysite’s protest: Liberty is still the object I have in view and Revolutionary instigator Samuel Adams’ angry backlash: “The man who dares rebel against the laws of the republic ought to suffer death.” 4. In the years following the American Revolution, American merchants adopted a “ free ships make free goods” policy, meaning that the goods aboard neutral ships (usually French) were up for grabs. 5. Overthrowing one government to create another is no easy task. In supporting the Virginia Plan, Pierce Butler told his fellow conventioneers, “We must adopt the wisdom of Solon, who gave to the Athenians, not the best constitution he could devise, but rather gave them the best constitution that they would accept.” According to Dr. Minor (10 points) 6. There was no single “new world,” for the New World was as much a process as a place. 7. Africans forcibly removed from their continent for enslavement in the Americas experienced two kinds of “Middle Passage”: one was a forced, physical transition and the other was a cultural persistence through act of sheer will. 8. The American Revolution took place in three parts/stages (hint: not just the physical war that began in 1775). Name each one: Debating Independence, Fighting the British, Finding a new Working Government 9. The Coercive Acts were designed to isolate Boston and MA from the rest of the colonies, but the Acts actually broke down one alliance, between the colonies and the crown, and created another, this one between the colonies. 10. Jefferson’s presidency, the LA Purchase, the LCE, early 19 th century American foreign policy, and the naval battle that won control of Lake Erie for the Americans were all features of the nationalism that defined the character of the Early Republic. (For 1 point extra credit, who won that Lake Erie battle? Oliver Perry) Americans in the Big Picture (10 points)
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11. One of the three “old” worlds that coalesced into the New World was South Africa, anchored by a world-class city and trading center, Zimbabwe, that peaked between the 12 th and 15 th centuries. 12.
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amhtest - AMH 2010 EXAM 1 DUE Thursday 24-hour grace period...

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