As the net effect for both new and existing

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Unformatted text preview: d stockholders Old stockholders The left part of Figure 11 illustrates the case where the firm finances the dividend with the new equity issue and where new shareholders buy the new shares for cash, whereas the right part illustrates the case where new shareholders buy shares from existing shareholders. As the net effect for both new and existing shareholders are identical in the two cases, firm value must be equal. Thus, in a world with a perfect capital market dividend policy is irrelevant. 8.11.5 Why dividend policy may increase firm value The second view on the effect of the dividend policy on firm value argues that high dividends will increase firm value. The main argument is that there exists natural clienteles for dividend paying stocks, since many investors invest in stocks to maintain a steady source of cash. If paying out dividends is cheaper than letting investors realise the cash by selling stocks, then the natural clientele would be willing to pay a premium for the stock....
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