In this case the investor can obtain an expected

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Unformatted text preview: e same rate. Consider an investor who borrows and invests fraction of the funds in a portfolio of stocks and the rest in short-term government bonds. In this case the investor can obtain an expected return from such an allocation along the line from the risk free rate rf through the tangent portfolio in Figure 5. As lending is the opposite of borrowing the line continues to the right of the tangent portfolio, where the investor is borrowing additional funds to invest in the tangent portfolio. This line is known as the capital allocation line and plots the expected return against risk (standard deviation). Figure 5: Portfolio theory Expected Return (%) Market portfolio Risk free rate Standard Deviation The tangent portfolio is called the market portfolio. The market portfolio is the portfolio on the efficient frontier with the highest Sharpe-ratio. Investors can therefore obtain the best possible risk return trade-off by holding a mixture of the market portfolio and borrowing or lending. Thus, by combining a ris...
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