Market efficiency in an efficient market the return

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Unformatted text preview: Imitate the product? Sooner or later competition is likely to eliminate economic rents. Download free ebooks at 48 Corporate Finance Market efficiency 7. Market efficiency In an efficient market the return on a security is compensating the investor for time value of money and risk. The efficient market theory relies on the fact that stock prices follow a random walk, which means that price changes are independent of one another. Thus, stock prices follow a random walk if - The movement of stock prices from day to day do not reflect any pattern Statistically speaking o The movement of stock prices is random o Time series of stock returns has low autocorrelation In an efficient market competition ensures that - New information is quickly and fully assimilated into prices All available information is reflected in the stock price Prices reflect the known and expected, and respond only to new information Price changes occur in an unpredictable way Turning a challenge into a learning curve. Just another day at the office for a high performer. Please click the advert Acc...
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