Com 82 corporate finance options in month 3 suppose

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Unformatted text preview: rice]. Thus, when the stock price is equal to $550.9 the option is worth $150.9 (i.e. $550.9 - $400) when exercised. When the stock price is equal to $400 the value of the option is 0, whereas if the stock price falls below the exercise price the option is not exercised and, hence, the value is equal to zero. Download free ebooks at 82 Corporate Finance - Options In Month 3 suppose that the stock price is equal to $469.4. In this case, investors would know that the future stock price in Month 6 will be $550.9 or $400 and the corresponding option prices are $150.9 and $0, respectively. To find the option value, simply set up the option equivalent by calculating the option delta, which is equal to the spread of possible option prices over the spread of possible stock prices. In this case the option delta equals 1 as ($150.9-$0)/($550.9-$400) = 1. Given the option delta find the amount of bank loan needed: Month 6 stock price equal to $400 $550.9 $400.0 $550.9 -$400.0 -$400.0 $0.0 $150.9 Buy 1 share Borrow PV(X) Total...
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