AMH3 - Michelle Stephens AMH 2010 Reaffirming A Utopians...

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Michelle Stephens AMH 2010 March 27, 2008 Reaffirming A Utopians Beliefs Through Comparison of Other Ideas
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Upon meeting a traveler of the near future, I was perplexed at some of the ideas and questions she posed upon me. These inquiries made me rethink why I thought certain ways and helped me reaffirm my beliefs of present. Not only this, but she brought to my attention documents of different societies across this great nation, that had been experimenting in different ideals and communities as well. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities among all of our ideals; that is, the quest for that extra something that was missing in our lives, whether it be spiritual, economic, or natural. To quote Emerson: “The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken in heaps, is, because man is disunited with himself.” (RTAP, Nature , p. 295) In my first encounter with the traveler, she knew what it was I believed and what was going on in my little part of the world, but was confused as to the “why” and the motives behind mine, and others, thinking. I started with what is that motivated myself – and I cannot speak for others here, for everyone has their own purposes. It all started with the industrial boom, and towns growing larger and larger, eventually turning into venues for poverty and corruption. Then Owens came along and suggested that we should get back to the roots of civilization; with communities based on agrarian ideals, and focusing on all that is moral and just, with fair education and lodgings for all. I just want to make the place safer for future generations, ensuring just society. Owens calls for children to be “trained from earliest infancy to acquire only kind and benevolent dispositions,” (RTAP, Letter to London Newspapers, August 7, 1817
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AMH3 - Michelle Stephens AMH 2010 Reaffirming A Utopians...

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