Leadership-Humility and Will

can level 5 born be developed there are two

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Unformatted text preview: o well Born or Bred? : Can Level 5 Born be developed? There are two categories of people Those who don’t have the Level 5 seed within them, And those who do The first category The Will never bring themselves to subjugate their own needs to the greater ambition of something larger and more lasting than themselves Work will always be first and foremost of what they get – fame, fortune, power, adulation, etc. Work will never be about what they build, create and contribute The great irony is that the animus and personal ambition that often drives people to become a Level 4 leader stands at odds with the humility required to rise to Level 5 The second category The Could evolve to level 5 Capability resides in them, perhaps buried or ignored or simply nascent Under the right circumstances – with self-reflection, a mentor, a significant life experience, loving parents, or other factors – the seed can begin to develop Level 5 Level A key component inside the black box of what it takes to shift an organization from good to great Inside this black box is another – the inner development of a person to Level 5 leadership A very satisfying idea, a truthful idea, a powerful idea, and to make the move from good to great, very likely an essential idea “For like all basic truths “For about what is best in human beings, when we catch a glimpse of that truth, we know that when our own lives and all that we touch will be better for making the effort to get there.”...
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