Leadership-Humility and Will

The right people on the bus move the wrong people off

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Unformatted text preview: get the right people on the bus, Move the wrong people off, Usher the right people to the right seats, and Determine where to drive it Stockdale Paradox Stockdale Named after Admiral James Stockdale, winner of the Medal of Honour who survived for 7 years in a Viet Cong POW camp by hanging on to two contradictory beliefs His life couldn’t be worse at the moment, and his life would someday be better than ever Good-to-great leaders confront the most brutal facts of their current reality, yet simultaneously maintained absolute faith that they will prevail in the end They held both disciplines – faith and facts – at the same time, all the time Buildup-Breakthrough Buildup-Breakthrough Flywheel Good-to-great transformations do not happen overnight or in one big leap Rather, it starts one movement at a time, gradually building up momentum, till there is a breakthrough Mediocre organizations never sustained the breakthrough momentum but instead lurch back and forth with radical change programmes, reactionary moves and restructuring The Hedgehog Concept The The fox knows a little about many things A fox is complex A hedgehog knows only one big thing very well The hedgehog is simple And the hedgehog...
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