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LAB REPORT #4 (Memo)

LAB REPORT #4 (Memo) - Mehmet Dervisogullari LAB REPORT...

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Mehmet Dervisogullari LAB REPORT Experiment 4: Mechanical Properties of Metals Introduction The goal of this lab is to examine and compare the mechanical properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. This is to be done by testing the materials for their modulus of elasticity, yield strength, ultimate tensile stress and strain to failure. Also, the effect of temperature on the strength of face centered cubic and body centered cubic metals will be investigated. Experimental Procedure There are six specimens of materials to be tested. The cylindrical tensile specimens are 1018 Steel, 1040 Steel, 2024 Aluminum, High Density Polyethylene. The biaxial-flexure specimens, which are disc shaped, are alumina and fiberglass reinforced plastic. In the first test the materials will be tested for their tensile toughness. First, each specimen's initial length is measured using the calipers. The mass is determined by weighing the sample on a digital balance. The volume is found by Archimedes water displacement method. These values are used to find the densities of the specimens. The cylindrical specimen are tested on The Instron testing machine. After the test, the values for ultimate tensile strength (which is the maximum load on the specimen), the
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elongation to failure and yield strength is determined from the values and graph obtained from the test.
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LAB REPORT #4 (Memo) - Mehmet Dervisogullari LAB REPORT...

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