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POS 02:07:44 Jose Alvarez Critical Thinking, Exercise 1.4 “Direct Democracy: Electronically” 1. I support direct democracy, specifically because it gives citizens the power to make laws that the government is either too afraid to pass or simply refuses to pass. I believe that many Americans who use direct democracy in their states use this form of democracy to send warning flags to the legislative government. And if all else fails, citizens can always pass the laws themselves when necessary. Therefore I believe that direct democracy is, at least for the most part, very important to the development of our country and should be supported. 2. Some of the main features of the model of
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Unformatted text preview: electronic direct democracy that I like are the security measures that are taken in concern to this form of democracy. For instance the use of a thumb scanner to prevent voters fraud would greatly improve the results of an election, in regards to the true will of the people as a whole. Also the measures taken to prevent interference from hackers seems very impressive to me. 3. What I dislike about the model of electronic direct democracy is the fact that it could do serious damage to our political system and government, but this would only be an extreme situation. For the most part I find nothing bad with this system....
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