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POS 14:35:20 Jose Alvarez Network News Stories News Network 1 - (CNN ch. 24) News Network 2 - ( Fox ch. 28) News Network 3 - (CNN Headline News ch. 23 ) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 International hard news stories Terror training camps in England, large scale terrorist riots in southeast Asia, National hard news stories Info about the war in Iraq (death toll and injuries, etc), illegal aliens, Fl. Power outage, How gas prices hit voters Police negligence, murder, surveillance law Perjury investigation, health care spending, home price decline, pentagon debates troop drawdown in Iraq, sex offender murder (follow up), Lane Bryant shooting 911 call, fl power outage U.S. marines new bulletproof vest issues, Airline Death at 30 k ft, serial killer story, lung cancer Lane Bryant Shooting , Total minutes of hard news 5 5 6 3 11 7 26 8
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POS 14:35:20 Jose Alvarez Soft news stories Presidential Campaign stories, NAFTA Obama campaign attack, McCain campaign, Iraq: reality check, Sen. Byrd hospitalized, musical diplomacy, inside n. Korea, democrat debate, Robo-calls, leaving Clinton for Obama, William Buckley Dies, knockout with Clinton, McCain, Obama battle over Iraq, McCain Radio feud, Cutts sentenced to life, Jackson fighting to keep Neverland Illegal Alien conflict, Oscar body language, McCain/NY Times, pinheads /patriots, Obama picture, Obama Clinton conflict, Obama’s wife’s senior thesis Obama Campaign, starbucks shutdown, Michael Jackson’s Neverland on auction, jury decide about death penalty for convict, drug raid on teacher’s aide, school bus brawl, air force sgt. murder- suicide, snow blizzards, wild fire, Apple iTunes, N. Korea orchestra, Celeb. gossip, terrorism anniversary, Teacher on Tape, kindergartner kicked out of school because of Mohawk, bus-brawl, police brutality, McCain/Obam a: Iraq, LA shooting, Clemens perjury, too hot to fly?, Buckley dies, Farrakhan supporting Obama, Nanny cam issue, murder suicide, cops on trial, Mom leaves 3 kids at home to go drink, surfer found dead, murder manhun t, Clemens perjury, college locked down, Woman ruins marriage on game show for money, Drew Peterson wants guns back, killer ex-cop gets life, Obama getting a free ride?, McCain “never happen again”, high school segregation experiment. Oregon Mayor scandal, pro- sports: steroids, Murder demands sex change, alleged O.J. Victim, Bus-Brawl Girl,
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Critical Thinking 3.3 - POS Network News Stories News...

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