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Critical Thinking 5.3 - that they would raise more money...

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POS 01:08:17 Jose Alvarez Critical Thinking 5.3 1. a. The National Party Committee, the State, District, and Local Party Committee when their limits are combined, and PAC are the least restricted in overall spending. b. Each candidate and candidate committee are the most restricted per election in receiving contributions. 2. They could contribute $8,400,000. 3. a. Democratic/Kerry: b. Republican/Bush: 4. I would not support the bill because this loophole seems to level the playing field in the battle to raise funds for the elections. The Republicans are usually associated with big businesses so it is much easier for them to raise money in comparison to the Democratic Party. 5. a. Bush: $ 375,969,849 b. Kerry: $ 355,483,344 6. Because Candidates who accept public money during primaries cannot take private contributions during the general elections, which was the case for both candidates. 7. Both candidates decided to accept public funding rather than federal matching funds in the primary election. They did this because they believed
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Unformatted text preview: that they would raise more money through private individual contributions rather than through the federal matching funds option, which proved to be true for both candidates. POS 01:08:17 Jose Alvarez 8. The 527s figures in support of Bush are totaled to only slightly less than a third of the finds listed under total distributions for both the primary and general election, while it is totaled to about three fifths of the total distributions in support of Kerry. 9. I’m not quite sure but I think I would support public funding of all federal campaigns, presidential and congressional races as long as the limitations on the amount that is allowed to be donated are still in place. I believe there is a better chance of a fair fundraising process that is not as easily influenced by big businesses who want candidates to pass laws and bills that will benefit them....
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