Critical Thinking 6.1 - POS 4/8/2008 Jose Alvarez Critical...

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POS 03:50:03 Jose Alvarez Critical Thinking 6.1 – What is the Proper Role of the Representative? 1. I think that a member of the House from a district in Michigan would be more likely to follow the delegate model because this bill would directly affect the state of Michigan and its people. If the bill passed that would cause a great deal of complications for the major employment companies in the state which would then hurt the people of that state. Therefore it would be illogical for the Michigan House member to vote for the bill, despite the overall benefits it will have on the environment. 2. a. I think that the delegate model argument would be that she disregards the pledge and runs for a fourth term because that is the demand of a majority of her constituents want. As a delegate House member, she should go along with the demands of her constituents and run for a fourth term. b. The Trustee model argument would probably be that she does not run again and honors her pledge. She came into office with the determination to restore honesty and credibility to government, and if she were to run again wouldn’t that hurt not only her own credibility, but the credibility of her cause to restore such credibility to the government in the eyes of the people. 3. a. I believe that a Nebraska senator would most likely follow the delegate model and vote against the renewing U.S. economic and military aid to Israel. The reason for this is that since Nebraska for the a large part considered to be agricultural and rural,
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Critical Thinking 6.1 - POS 4/8/2008 Jose Alvarez Critical...

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