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POS 02:34:58 Jose Alvarez Critical Thinking 7.1 1. If there was some kind of scandal that was not publicized to the media because of fear of effecting the election, yet the electors had been informed about it, then there is a good possibility that they might install a president the candidate everyone thought had lost the election. Another similar possibility is that this scandal seemed to endear the candidate to the people yet trouble the electors to greatly that they felt they must choose the candidate everyone though has lost instead because they did not want someone who had been a part of such a scandal running the country. 2. I do not believe that today’s electoral conditions can increase the possibility of the election being decided in the House of Representatives because who the candidates running this election. The race is very close because the is the end of the Bush administration and the candidates running to become the next president are a woman and a black man for the Democrats, and a rich, white, war veteran for the Republicans. I believe that the race will be close but the Democratic candidate will win in the end. 3. Imagine that the results of the election are so close that the two candidates are literally hand in hand during the election. After all the polls are taken, it seems that there is only about two or three electoral vote’s difference in either candidate’s favor. When taken to the House, the Democratic candidate seems to be the overall best choice for President however, the candidate’s running mate does not seem appealing in the least to the House, and therefore they decide that the Republican candidate’s running mate is better suited
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Critical Thinking 7.1 - POS Critical Thinking 7.1 1....

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