ASL Gloss 6 - Y = FRIEND_sad Z = crying My strengths were...

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Jose Alvarez 11:30am – 1:30 pm SPA 2612 HELLO, fs-ABC+STORY “GRADUATION DAY” A = brushing hair back B = put on pants C = put on belt D = brushing my sideburns E = shaving my face F = fixing my tie G = put on the hat H = adjusting the tassel I = adjusting my glasses J = brush off my suit K = putting in my lip piercings L = put on my gown M = adjust the chords ______wow_______ N = look out at the crowd O = FLOWER P = PERFECT _nervous_ Q = I’m shaking R = READY S = lining up T = walk out in group U = separate V = SIT W = WATER X = over there
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Unformatted text preview: Y = FRIEND _sad_ Z = crying My strengths were probably my location, movement, and handshape. I noticed that I was doing very well this time when doing my story when it came to my strengths. My weaknesses are my facial expression. I noticed that I still had little facial expression, though I think I should have somehow worked in a bit more. I think that I need to work on my facial expression a bit more because I understand that facial expression is important when it comes to grammar....
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