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In my life I have met only three Deaf individuals, one of which became a close friend of mine for three years. The other two Deaf individuals I have met in my lifetime, I have run into from time to time over the years. The first Deaf individual I met was Joshua, a boy that was in the ESE classes with me in Elementary school. When I had first met him, I did not know what being Deaf was, but I learned quickly. I realized that he was Deaf when I realized that when he took out his hearing aids he seemed to completely ignore everything. At first I just thought that he didn’t want to talk with anyone, and then my teacher explained what it meant to be Deaf and explained that Joshua was Deaf. While I never really got to know Joshua, for some reason that I cannot explain I seemed to admire him for the rest of that year. I met Daniel, the second Deaf individual, at church when I was a child. By the time I had met him, I had understood what being Deaf meant so I recognized that he was deaf when I saw his hearing
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Unformatted text preview: aids. I attempted to imitate the signs he made with his hand to his parents so that I could try to understand him, thought I’m not sure how well I did. I remember trying to become friends with him, and I’m sure we could be considered as much. I would have to say that the most influential experience I have had with a Deaf individual was when I met my friend Valera. She and I rode the school bus to and from school throughout middle school. While we only got to interact while riding the bus we became close friends very quickly. She taught me some of the signs that I know today and remains a friend of mine, even though we can only talk online now. I always felt a sense of respect and appreciation towards her for inspiring me to learn ASL and taking the time to teach me some sign while we rode the bus. She not only knew ASL, she was able to read lips, which made teaching me a bit easier for me I believe....
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