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ASL Journal 2 - uses the license plates to symbolize how...

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Jose Alvarez SPA 2612 I believe that the labels presented in A Century of Difference imply the different views that the general population of America had through the decades. Each of these plates symbolized the common stereotype given to the Deaf community, and how these labels have slowly progressed to become the much more respectful label of Deaf, rather than the derogatory labels that were given throughout the century. I believe that Silver chose to work with license plates because they are symbolic. License plates are used to identify cars so that we can identify individual cars from similar models. I think that Silver
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Unformatted text preview: uses the license plates to symbolize how Americans have identified the Deaf since 1900. I think that the point Silver is making in A Century of Difference is that America has seen the Deaf people as disabled, handicapped, or simply lesser than hearing people. The point she was trying to make is that the Deaf are not lesser than the hearing in any way the only difference between them is that the Deaf people are unable to hear and hearing people can....
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