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Sheet1 Page 1 What is the term describing the methodology Descartes used in "The Meditations"? a.The method of certainty b.The pragmatic theory of truth *c.The resolutive-compositive method. d.The method of uncertainty. Descartes' first certainty was: *a.That he exists as a thinking thing. b.That he exists as a material thing. c.That he exists as a material and spiritual thing. d.That only Descartes himself exists and absolutely nothing else. If you hold the position that reality consists of minds and bodies, and that these substances interact with each other, you are: *a.a dualist. b.a monist. c.a pantheist. d.an atheist. If you contend that truth is a matter of the relationship between statements and the results of acting on them, and that stateme n *a.a pragmatist b.a rationalist c.a correspondence theorist d.a coherence theorist. Which of the following theorists held the position that reality is NOT composed of matter - that, in fact, matter does not exist? *a.George Berkeley b.Rene Descartes c.Thomas Hobbes d.Plato Plato argued that the lowest element of the soul was: *a.The appetitve element b.The rational element c.The spirited element d.The spiritual element. Plato's way of conceiving of knowledge can best be described as: *a.rationalism b.empiricism c.pragmatism d.the coherence theory Which of these is NOT one of Descartes' reasons for doubt: *a.That god is omnibenevolent. b.the dream argument c.that sense experience is unreliable d.the lunacy argument Which of the following is the philosophical study of the nature of reality? *a.ontology b.epistemology
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Sheet1 Page 2 c.pragmatism d.the resolutive-compositive method Err:510 Which argument for God's existence depends on the Principle of Universal Causation? *a.The Cosmological Argument b.The Ontological Argument c.The Teleological Argument d.The pragmatic argument. The Teleological Argument for God's existence depends on: *a.The notion that there must be a purpose in the creation of the universe/world. b.The contention that simply understanding the concept of God leads us to the conclusion that God exists.
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MidtermQuizzes - What is the term describing the...

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