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Sheet1 Page 1 Which of the following is characteristic of the Principle of Universa Causation (PUC)? a.) the future will resemble the past b.) impressions become ideas that derive from sense experience c.) nothing comes from nothing d.) everything that can exist does exist Answer: C. Everything has a cause and thus nothing can come from nothing Which of the following did NOT believe that all ideas come through sense experience? a.Berkeley b.Descartes c.Hume d.Locke The answer is B because Descartes is the only rationalist in the group of empiricists. a)Paul Kurtz b)Kenneth Miller c)William James d)St. Thomas Aquinas Answer: Kenneth Miller states in chapter one of the book that when During Descartes's Meditation II, what conclusion did he reach? a) Clarity and distinctness are reliable indicators of certainty/truth b) Everything I perceive clearly and distinctly is true because there is a God and he is not a deceiver c) "I think, therefore I am" d) Because existence is a perfection, my idea of a supreme perfect being suggests it's
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MidtermStudentQuestionsMC - Which of the following is...

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