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Sergei khlistov s blood pressure spiked as a result

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Unformatted text preview: Khlistov 's blood pressure spiked as a result, and he spent weeks in the hospital. Still, the family held on, until bailiffs and riot police forced them out on Sept. 1 9. Ev en with her house in rubble, T atiana has still not been able to accept how the authorities could suddenly decide that her family 's home, which was registered with the authorities and on which the family paid tax es, was "illegal." A rtu r L e b e d e v, S o ch i n ski e No vo sti The Khlis tov /Samokhv al f amily home, jus t bef or e it T his is a fundamental question of the property rights of a family home, and as such, goes directly to the integrity of the Sochi Oly mpics. I n looking to find fault with the family , the Sochi authorities, perhaps, sought a way out of hav ing to prov ide compensation legally due online.w s j.c om/ar tic le/SB10000872396390444712904578024320180061596.html#pr intMode 1/2 05/10/12 Yulia Gor bunov a: A n Oly mpic Demolition - WSJ.c om w as lev eled las t month. after seizing the land. T at...
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