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T atiana is right to question this approach under

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Unformatted text preview: iana is right to question this approach. Under international human- rights law, the Russian gov ernment must respect and protect the rights of all people from arbitrary interference in their home and family life. Forcibly ev icting the family and destroy ing the house without prov iding a fair process to challenge the gov ernment's actions, or fair compensation for the property , v iolates international law. Ev en the regional prosecutor, specifically tasked with making sure the authorities' preparations for the Oly mpics respect national law, found that the family 's use of the land was legal and asked the authorities to include them in the Oly mpic compensation program. But to no av ail. T he demolition came on the ev e of concerts and sporting ev ents across Russia to celebrate the 5 00- day mark until the start of the 201 4 Oly mpics. Russia has a lot to celebrate, indeed, but it should balance that with an acknowledgment of the mistakes in T atiana's case and ensure the family receiv es compensation, such as a home of comparable size and v alue. T he...
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