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T he i nternational oly mpic committee ultimately

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Unformatted text preview: I nternational Oly mpic Committee ultimately interv ened with the authorities on the case, putting forward questions and collecting official responses. But it hasn't stood up for the Oly mpic charter's guarantee of "human dignity ." I nstead of insisting that the authorities honor requirements of compensation, the I OC watched from the sidelines as T atiana's family got trounced in a game in which no rules applied. I t's not too late for leaders in Lausanne to press the authorities to giv e the family the compensation they deserv e. And it is cases like T atiana's that highlight the pressing need for the I OC to find a comprehensiv e way to prev ent and remedy abuses taking place in the contex t of Oly mpic preparations. As part of the process for awarding any games, the bidding countries should hav e to prov e that there is in place a sound, legally enforceable mechanism to protect the human rights—including property rights—of host states' residents impacted by the Oly mpics. With that, perhaps T atiana and her family might hav e solace that the injustice wrought on them won't be repeated in fut...
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