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Sheet1 Page 1 True or False: Omniscience is the Godly quality of being everywhere at once. Answer: False. This is omnipresence. Omniscience is the Godly quality of knowing everything there is to know True or false? David Hume believed there were two ways of knowing: relations of ideas and innate knowledge. False- Hume was an empiricist and therefore did not believe in innate knowledge. His two ways of knowing were relations of ideas (mathematical certainty) and matters of fact (the probability something will happen based on the past). Pascal believes we are better off believing in God only if we can prove
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Unformatted text preview: that God exists. Answer: False, Pascal states that whether or not God exists, if you believe in God you are better off because your life is filled with hope and happiness in the idea of God. Inductive logic suggests that the answer is completely true if the premises are true. False - Inductive logic suggests probability based on context, though it does not guarantee truth. According to William James, an option can be living or dead, forced or avoidable, and believable or unbelievable. FALSE Kenneth Miller believed that evolution was the most dangerous threat to religion. (False)...
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