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Alvarez, Jose 1 My Personal Taxonomy of Personality Traits Jose Alvarez February 8, 2008 Instructor: Christopher E. Sager Personality Theory PPE 3003-0002
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Alvarez, Jose 2 Introduction My Taxonomy consists of six personality traits. I came up with this list by thinking about myself as well as asking my friends to describe me in a list of words. After this, I narrowed down the list by removing similar or repetitive traits, the ending result being the six traits I have left. I believe that six traits is enough to describe myself, because I feel that having any more would be repetitive, and too little would leave something out, therefore the six I have chosen are all that are needed and are what is necessary. Alvarez’s Taxonomy of Traits Creative: Resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative . One who displays productive originality. One who expresses a unique view of the world and an original way completing tasks. High Behaviors: Enjoys playing a musical instrument, and is talented at it. Makes small inventions to make everyday chores easier and save time. Likes to be spontaneous, especially when accompanied by friends. Low Behaviors: Plagiarizes a report that is due for a class rather than write their own paper. Tries to make jokes that are often mistaken for mysterious comments.
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Alvarez__Jose_1 - Alvarez Jose 1 My Personal Taxonomy of...

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