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Alvarez, Jose 1 Trait vs. Humanistic Psychobiography Personal Jose Alvarez March 28, 2008 Instructor: Christopher E. Sager Personality Theory PPE 3003-0002
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Alvarez, Jose 2 Introduction In the 1980s, a man called Brian Warner was able to create a stage presence that was so complete, he is known only by that presence – Marilyn Manson. Manson has for almost two decades used his extraverted personality and his strong sense of individuality and self esteem to create music and a lifestyle that he calls performance art. Manson was raised in a middle class family from Ohio and attended a Christian school. He moved to Miami to become a song writer, but found that he liked taking the stage. He formed a group that styled themselves as “shock musicians.” They use ghoul make up, wear Goth clothes and made up names and personalities designed to be a play on good and evil. Everyone in Manson’s band took first names that were of famous female celebrities and last names of a serial killer; Marilyn (Monroe) (Charles) Manson was born. It was the contrast of acceptable and evil, desired and repulsive. It was attention getting. It created a public image that Manson has played off of for an entire generation. Manson uses his music to show conflicts. He disavows government and religion, but sings about politics and devil worship. He speaks of being intellectual and discusses German philosophers but then he does self destructive shows where he hurts himself with knifes and other weapons in a showing of stupidity. Manson has developed himself as the leader of unsettled adolescents trying to buck the establishment by being extreme in their nonconformity with mainstream society. Many adults blame him for wayward teens, but he tells parents it is their job to teach their children what to listen to and how to act, and not his job to change his performance so that adolescents won’t follow him like a cult. Because of his image, Manson was blamed for the Colombine killings, adults believing that the two teenagers responsible for the massacre were Manson followers, but they later learned the killers were not Manson fans.
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Alvarez__Jose_2 - Alvarez, Jose 1 Trait vs. Humanistic...

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