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1/14/2008 Government : use of force, defined area, control behavior Purpose Concepts : Freedom- “of”, religion, speech (from= equality), Order- police power, tradition Equality - opportunity (chance), outcome(guaranteed result) Majoritarism- Pluralism- Form/Types: Is real democracy? 2006 ‘random’ searches in airport. Where do draw the line with rights? Majority rule but with minority consent Lobby- pluralism Mainly procedural. 1/16/2008 Substantive: indirect rights- rule. Ind desires- minority Procedural: process, method majority rule God->king->people: king is removed and replaced with gov God->people->gov: Articles of Confederation Problems: national constitution= no tax, no leader No amendment= all No regional commerce Shay’s Rebellion Terms of being a gentleman- difference of working with hands are not gentleman Decided to keep secret and be vague Federalist= strong central gov Anti-fed states rights Act 1: Congress Enumerate Powers VA plan- 3 branches, legislative 2 chambers house chosen by population, senate picked by house members New Jersey plan- 1 chamber congress, equal representatives, president: no prism #, no federal judiciary CT- great compromise, senate equal 2, house population 435(law) VA+JN=CT 3/5 compromise. Counting, not humanistic President Bill of Rights- ratified 1788 1/28/2008
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State Constitution 10 th Amendment= “Daily” Majoritarian= procedural= election Pluralism= policy preferences Policy as law= fluid Policy as constitutional= pad rock Allow policy preference (particular control over behavior) to be more permanent Dual Model ( 1787- 1930’s) National government has enumerated powers
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POLS1101Notes - 1/14/2008 Government: use of force, defined...

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