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Unformatted text preview: Life in Traditional Africa Traditional African Religions are very complex and in most instances seem very strange and different to our own experiences. Life is a very complicated procedure with many different steps, each very important to the development of the individual. Even though different groups have different traditions for each step, they all seem to celebrate the process of gaining a new member into their community. In pregnancy the expectant Akamba women are forbidden to certain food that they believe will hurt the child. They also eat a special type of earth to strengthen the child. This can seem foolish or superstitious to someone at first but in reality westerners do the same thing. Women here avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages because it is know to harm the unborn child. The similarities to our culture continue when the child is born. The Akamba parents slaughter a goat or bull on the third and many people come and rejoice with the family. This is like a proud new father bull on the third and many people come and rejoice with the family....
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