Final exam review

Final exam review - Production Code – Hayes Office (1928)...

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Final exam review: Ideology: a set of oral, political, social assumptions *Auteur Theory- directors Auteur = author Alternatives to commercial filmmaking: Documentaries (Form) Types: Propaganda, talking heads, director-participant, direct cinema, self-reflexive, mockumentary. Avant garde/experimental Types: abstract, surrealist, city symphony, structuralist, compilation Hollywood Studio system: Major/Minor Studios (difference- ownership of theater chains) Vertical integration Paramount decree ended vertical integration- Supreme Court decision, 1948 Censorship: 1915- Supreme Court decision 1 st amendment (movies are not covered by it)
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Unformatted text preview: Production Code – Hayes Office (1928) Ratings Board (1967) Film as a business: Horizontal Integration Synergy- commodity/commodities- saturation marketing Block booking Road Showing Runaway Productions Blockbusters Independent films Sundance Miramax Film Stars: Studio contracts (“Golden Age of Hollywood”) Star Persona Star vehicle Subculture Genres: Def. of genre Marketing shortcut for studios Hybrid Subgenre “Blaxploitations” *Conventions- plot elements, character types, iconography, themes Expectations- meet or not meet the expectation of a genre (i.e. horror) Stability of genre movies- do they change over time? Are they reflective of the time?...
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Final exam review - Production Code – Hayes Office (1928)...

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