Theology March 25 - Theology 1 A Tour of a Catholic Churcha...

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Theology March 25, 2008 1. A Tour of a Catholic Church- a. Baptismal pool or font- shows the symbolism more they walk into the water and then walk out like they are resurrected b. Holy water font- what you see on the side as soon as you walk in, and is usually dry, before you go into church you remind yourself that you are baptized c. Paschal candle- the large candle that is there during Easter time and is used in all baptisms and during all marriages, it is lit during Easter. d. Ambry- has 3 kinds of oils in it, like a cabinet, holds the oil of catechumens, sick. e. Reconciliation room- room where you tell the priest your confessions. f. Confessionals- g. Nave- where the altar is and the whole open space h. Pews- i. Ways of the Cross- the Stations of the Cross, you follow Jesus journey to his death. j. Sanctuary- usually the space around the altar and it is a holy place. Most churches the tabernacle is there. k. Lectern- the holder of the book for the sacred readings. l. Altar- sacrifice of the mass takes place m. Altar cloth- placed on the altar, and symbolizes the white cloth that Jesus was wrapped in n. Paten- it’s a bowl or plate that is set o. Chalice- p. Crucifix- it is to remind of Jesus sacrifice and to remind us that the holy mass is the same sacrifice over and over again of the cross. q. Tabernacle-the reserve of the blessed sacrament r. Sanctuary lamp- located in the back of the church and when it is lit that Christ is present in the Blessed Sacrament, when the light is not lit then the host is not present. s.
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Theology March 25 - Theology 1 A Tour of a Catholic Churcha...

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