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Theology March 27, 2008 We call celebrating the Eucharist: 1. Mass- 2. Liturgy- stresses the different parts of the mass 3. Holy sacrifice- stresses that at every mass we offer up Christ to the father for our sins. Every mass is a renewal. 4. Sacred banquet- during the mass we receive the body and blood of the Christ and the hopefully the more we receive Jesus the more we will be like Jesus in his words and actions. Liturgy of the Word Readings 1. Old Testament 2. New Testament 3. Gospel a. Homily- the priest breaks open the gospel and all the readings so that we understand what is said during the readings. During Easter season there is a different reading from the normal that is used until a
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Unformatted text preview: certain day. Liturgy of the Eucharist 1. Offertory- first thing that we start off with, bring up the bread and the wine where they bring it up to the priest, to be used in the consecration, the priest also washes his hand as a sign of purity. 2. Consecration- the bread and wine is changed into the body of Christ 3. Distribution- the distribution of communion The only time that you have to go to confession is when you have committed a mortal sin. A mortal sin has 3 components 1. It has to be serious 2. You have you know it is serious 3. You are going to do it anyways...
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