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theology questions and answers - disciple The love of jesus...

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1. discuss the differneces regarding the church in matthew and  john. the difference is that matthew church is structured and  is hierarchial and that different people have different  positions. the authority is clearly defined. John gospel  depends on the relation of the individual Christian with the  relationship with Christ. He expresses equality.    2. what two qualities do we see in the beloved disciple? His leadership is through modeling. It is better to give  a sermon that to live one. John believes without seeing and  that jesus is the messiah.  3. what makes for equality in the community of the beloved 
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Unformatted text preview: disciple? The love of jesus not gender. 4. describe how matthean ecclesiology is distinctly hierarchial. 5. what is the positive and negative side of the matthean vision of the church? 6.what is the positive and negative side of the Johnnine vision of the church? 7. what does Rahner say is the only thing that gives unity to the church? 8. is tension in the church which is caused by seeking a balance between the Matthean and Johnnine vision a good or a bad thing? 9. what is the most important ecclesiological question in the third millennium?...
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