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christianity review - CHRISTIANITY LECTURE I I. II. III....

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CHRISTIANITY LECTURE I I. WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT CHRISTIANITY II. CENTRAL MYTHS III. ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANITY a. Relationship to Judaism b. Relationship to Other Religions i. Osiris-Dionysis ii. Tammuz-Adonis iii. Mithras IV. DIVISIONS WITHIN CHRISTIANITY a. ROMAN CATHOLIC b. ORTHODOX c. PROTESTANT V. COMMON THEOLOGY Questions 1. What constitute the central myths of Christianity? (death and resurrection of Jesus, this death as atonement for humanity’s sins/original sin, Jesus’ life as model) 2. How do these myths/ideas impact the development of Christianity? 3. How do these myths/ideas inform the worldview of believing and practicing Christians? 4. How did Christianity begin, as a completely new movement or as a Jewish sect? 5. What other sources does early Christianity draw from? Mithras? Osiris-Dionysis? Tammuz-Adonis? 6. What are the three broadest divisions within the Christian world? 7. What beliefs and practices do these divisions have in common? CHRISTIANITY LECTURE II I. Review of previous class
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II. Comparison of Jewish and Christian Scripture a. Structure b. Theology c. Process of canonization III. Christianity Differentiates itself from Judaism IV. Paul V. Nature of Jesus VI. Creeds Questions 1. What are the divisions of the Hebrew Bible? 3-Fold : Torah, Prophets, Writings 2. What are the divisions of the Christian Old Testament? 4-Fold: 5 Books of Moses, History, Poetry/Wisdom Literature, Prophets 3. What became of books that didn’t make the final editorial cut of the Hebrew Bible? Do all Christians see the Apocrypha as authoritative? 4. What is the structure of the New Testament? 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), Acts (history), Epistles (primarily by Paul) and Revelation (apocalyptic literature). 5.
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christianity review - CHRISTIANITY LECTURE I I. II. III....

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