ch15 - Chapter 15 Expanding Worlds Recovery in the Late...

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Chapter 15: Expanding Worlds: Recovery in the Late 14 th and 15 th Centuries I. Fragile Empires in Africa A. East Africa 1. Ethiopia established themselves in the 13 th century and by the late 14 th century their rule reached the great rift valley a. Rulers reopened the Red Sea outlet (lead to the Indian Ocean) b. Traded: slaves, ivory, gold, and civet c. Wealth from trade funded their expansion d. Reconnected with Roman church 2. Zambezi (South of Ethiopia) a. rich in salt, gold, and elephants b. had difficult time trading because the lay below the reach of the monsoon system c. Traded with Asia for gold and Ivory - example: Mosque in modern Tanzania had 15 th century Chinese porcelain bowls d. Northward migration of the central power to Mwebe Mutapa B. West Africa 1. Mali a. became a victim of isolationism b. weakened by: i. Gao (a great trading city) broke away from Mali ii. In 1430’s when invaders from the Sahara seized the northern most towns c. When Portugal discovered Mali, they found it disheveled and formed a prejudice against black Africans 2. Songhay a. succeeded Mali as the most powerful state in the region, but never controlled as much Saharan trade as Mali had b. Isolated areas were converted to Islam c. Stimulated trade by ensuring Saharan peace d. Link between Mediterranean and Niger valley 3. Kongo a. located in the Congo-basin b. adopted the religion and technology of their visitors c. became host to Portuguese missionaries, craftsmen, and merchants d. city was built in Portuguese style e. many were educated in Portugal II. Ecological Imperialism in the Americas - Ecological Imperialism - sweeping environmental changes European imperialists introduced in regions the colonized A. The Inca Empire
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1. In the late 15 th century the worlds fastest growing empire was the Inca empire of Peru 2. In mid 15 th century, the founders descended from the highlands of fertile land 3. Occupied Cuzco (today called Peru) 4. Encompassed coastal lowlands and the fringes of the Amazonian rain forest 5. to maintain the state, the Incas had to acquire new territories, leading to hectic and in the long run perhaps unsustainable expansion
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ch15 - Chapter 15 Expanding Worlds Recovery in the Late...

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