Ch17 - Chapter 17 Outline The Columbian Exchange The...

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Chapter 17 Outline The Columbian Exchange The transfer of plants, animals, and microbes among the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa, effected transformations that ought to be regarded as the biggest revolution that human agency ever made on Earth. The human relationship with fatal pathogens underwent puzzling lurches Human settlement changed its range and its nature Climate underwent global fluctuations - Little Ice Age The Ecological Exchange Columbus brought back descriptions and samples including pineapple and cassava Pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens, and wheat made their first appearance in the New World with Columbus Eurasia brought wheat, sugar, rice, bananas, cocunuts and major meat yielding livestock to the Americas Africa brought small amounts of vegetables to the Americas Most important were maize, potatoes, and sweet potatoes - These products made their way to China - Maize was known to grow in unfavorable conditions - Sweet potatoes and potatoes weren’t favored in Asia Horses and cattle were the first to the New World for livestock Cane sugar was the first transplanted product to have a major impact on world markets Sugar was extremely popular with the Europeans First product to have supply come before demand Value of sugar doubled or even quadrupled as it crossed the Atlantic Four effects came from sugar: - Brazil became the world’s major producer - Need for laborers caused a boom in the transatlantic slave trade - New American industries were created
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Ch17 - Chapter 17 Outline The Columbian Exchange The...

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