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MEXICO Lectures - Sources of political stability-on mass...

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MEXICO AS AN EXPERIMENTAL DEVELOPER Why study Mexico: - strategies for overcoming economic dependence in the modern world; - source of political stability in non-democratic systems - exemplary case of important political phenomena Mexico in the 19 th century: - the colonial period - the road to independence, 1822 - precarious geopolitical situation - the era of the caudillos - the Porfiriato - the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) and its social, political and institutional consequences.
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THE MEXICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM IN THE 20 TH CENTURY The salient features of Mexican presidentialism: amalgam of formal and informal powers.
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Unformatted text preview: Sources of political stability:-on mass level: corporatism as a non-democratic inclusion: o corporatism as a political ideology o corporate bodies o corporate representation o corporatism and popular participation o the corporatist state – a kind of developmental state?-on elite level : informal institutions o the concept and practice of incumbent selection o patronage o appointive positions more important than elective positions o selective enforcement of rules- strategies for economic development: Import Substitution Industrialization...
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MEXICO Lectures - Sources of political stability-on mass...

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